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Guarantee & Repairs


We guarantee and pride ourselves with the quality of the components of the bikes we deliver.

Therefore we offer the following warranties:

  • 24 months on bike frame
  • 12 months on electric motor and battery
  • 9 months on battery charger, display unit, fork and controller
  • 6 months on throttle, PAS, brakes, tires and other parts.

Faulty parts in the warranty period due to improper use of the customer (like accident, abuse, misuse, misapplication, normal wear and tear, serial number has been removed/defaced)

In case the defect can be determined visually, it is sufficient to send a video or a photo. In case that’s not possible, you’ll need send the part to us (on your costs) and we’ll send you a replacement part.

All warranty claims need to be authorized and accepted by us in advance (We need to see video and photos of the defect).


For us to analyze a defective part of the bike, it’s best you send us a video and / or photos with a description of the defect. It helps to be as elaborate, detailed and complete as possible.

Within the warranty period, we can also determine if the problem described falls within the warranty. If it does not, we can also provide an indication of the costs of reparation.

Customer Service Contact

Telephone and Whassap: 0034711010728

E-mail: info@little-dragon-bikes.eu



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