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To which countries do you deliver?

We deliver to all countries within the EU. See the delivery times and costs here.

If your country is not listed, contact us and we’ll try to come to a solution

Do you offer leasing / payment in parts / payments plans?

Yes we offer it through Splitit via your own credit card.

You can pay in maximum of 12 installments.

How does your warranty look like?

  • 24 months on bike frame
  • 12 months on electric motor and battery
  • 9 months on battery charger, display unit, fork and controller

Wear and tear parts such as brakes, tires, PAS, throttle don’t fall under the guarantee.

Are your bikes street legal?

The 250W / 25km per hour versions (Nino) are legal within the EU to ride on public road. The other versions can be used on private property or off-road.

This differs per country though. In Switzerland, you can use the higher powered versions on public roads, up to 45 km/h.

Please check you local regulations for up to date E-bike regulations.

What are the different motors are you offering?

Our Nino has a 250W Bafang rear motor.

The EZ Ryder has a Bafang’s G510 Mid Drive Motor.

Take note that the 250W version is legal to drive without license, registration and insurance throughout Europe. The other versions (Explorer and Thunder) are only to be used on private property or they need to be registered as a scooter / E-pedelec.

How far can I go with a fully charged battery?

The batteries on the bikes come in two capacities.

14.5 Ah and 17.4 Ah. The 14.5 version will give you 60kms of range while riding normally, with medium motor assistance (level 3 of out 5).

Weight of the driver, riding a steep or a flat street, riding against strong wind or not, all impact the range.

How long will the battery last?

Factory settings will give it 800-1000 full charge cycles. This can be optimized by not letting the battery go below 20% and not fully charging the battery to 100%, but to 80%.

What happens when parts of the bike break and need to replace them?

If it is in the warranty period and is within the warranty, you can claim a part with us. Otherwise these parts can be found anywhere online as they are from know brands such as Bafang, Tecktro or Samsung which carry enough inventory to fulfill your product / part needs.

I’m not sure yet, can I do a test ride with you?

We can arrange a test ride if you can visit the city of Malaga. We’ll take you out on a test ride so see how much fun you can have on our bikes.

Do offer any add-ons / accessories for the bikes?

At the moment we offer a backseat extension for the bikes. Even though you can have another person on the bike as it is, it will extend the backseat a bit more so it offers more space/comfort.

How will the bike be delivered and what must be done for it to be ready to be ridden?

The bike comes almost fully assembled. You’ll find it easy to put the front wheel on the frame, mount the pedals, installing the steering bar and you’re good to go!

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